Extreme high temperature From: 22-07-2019 15:00 Until: 23-07-2019 15:00 warning for: Extreme high temperature Level: Orange info button

Each of us, even in good health, is threatened,, Danger is greater for elderly people, people with chronic illness or mental disease, people who regularly take medications, and isolated persons., Athletes and people who work outdoors should be careful of dehydration and heat stroke., Pay particular attention to children., Symptoms of heat stroke are: fever over 40 ° C, warm, red and dry skin, headache, nausea, drowsiness, increased thirst, confusion, convulsions and loss of consciousness. call a doctor in case of faintness or behavioral problems., If you need help, ask the municipal services., If you know elderly, chronically ill or isolated persons in your surroundings, ask for their news or visit them twice a day. Accompany them in a cool place., During the day, close shutters, curtains and windows. , Ventilate at night, Use fans and/or air conditioning if available. Otherwise try to go into a cool or air-conditioned environment (supermarkets, cinemas ...) two to three hours a day. , Wet your body several times a day with an atomizer, a washcloth or taking showers or baths. , Drink plenty of water several times a day if you are an adult or a child, and about 1.5L of water a day if you are a senior. , Continue to eat normally., Do not go out during the hottest hours (11h-21h). , If you must go out, wear a hat and light clothes., Limit your physical activities., To learn more, visit http://www.sante.gouv.fr/ 

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Weather history

Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Temperature  25,6°Crising
Maximum25,9°C (00:19)33,2°C (18:04)33,7°C (05-07)38,8°C (29-06)38,8°C (29-06-2019)
Minimum25,6°C (00:00)18,0°C (05:45)12,2°C (09-07)-4,7°C (22-01)-10,9°C (28-02-2018)
 windchill  25,6°C 
Minimum25,6°C (00:00)18,0°C (05:45)10,5°C (15-07)-8,2°C (24-01)-19,0°C (28-02-2018)
 heatindex  25,6°C  
Maximum25,9°C (00:19)33,2°C (18:04)33,7°C (05-07)44,8°C (27-06)44,8°C (27-06-2019)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
Rain / Melt 0,0 mm  0,0 mm  9,4 mm  286,0 mm 1127,4 mm 
Evapotranspiration0,0 mm  0,0 mm 0,0 mm 0,0 mm 0,0 mm 
 Humidity  44%  
Maximum45% (00:00)71% (05:45)95% (07-07)98% (01-01)98% (30-12-2017)
Minimum44% (00:14)31% (18:06)27% (05-07)18% (29-06)18% (29-06-2019)
 Dew Point  12,4°C  
Maximum12,9°C (00:00)15,6°C (10:14)19,4°C (06-07)24,3°C (27-06)24,3°C (27-06-2019)
Minimum12,4°C (00:40)12,5°C (05:26)4,9°C (09-07)-6,2°C (14-04)-14,6°C (26-02-2018)
Current Today Yesterday This Month This year Station Record
 Pressure  1020,4 hPa  Steady
Maximum1020,6 hPa (00:00)1024,3 hPa (09:04)1024,3 hPa (22-07)1040,0 hPa (03-01)1040,0 hPa (28-01-2018)
Minimum1020,4 hPa (00:15)1020,3 hPa (20:22)1010,5 hPa (06-07)985,5 hPa (31-01)985,5 hPa (31-01-2019)
 Wind  6,5 km/h   Wind from   Light air
Gust17,6 km/h (00:14)19,4 km/h (12:42)41,8 km/h (14-07)75,6 km/h (04-03)80,6 km/h (03-01-2018)

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